Siren, Wisconsin

2021 Weed Harvest Updates
Weed Harvest
We have just received a temporary weed harvesting permit from the DNR. It is considered temporary because our Aquatic Plant Management plan, typically a prerequisite, has not yet been approved. Before the DNR will approve the new plan, they want to reevaluate the lake conditions in the late summer/early fall. Traditionally the harvesting permit was limited to "Navigational Lanes" which meant that we were only allowed to cut a 50 foot path, 100 feet from the shore, in specific parts of each lake. As part of the new plan they are allowing us to be more aggressive with the curly leaf pondweed and expand the shoreline navigational lanes to more areas. The CLPW is an evasive weed that can, and will, take over a lake. The harvesting of the CLPW must be done early in the summer, before it goes to seed, to prevent it from reseeding and exploding. Later than that is pointless. We have not been allowed to cut it in the past, other than navigational lanes. That is why Lower Clam looks like it does. The DNR is allowing us to start harvesting the big beds CLPW as long as we don't cut down more that 2 feet. This will help control the CLPW without too much disruption of the fish habitat. We started harvesting today and the CLPW beds are the priority. Unfortunately, one of the two harvesters we have has already broken down. We are working to get it fixed asap. If the wind and rain doesn't prevent us from cutting, we will continue to harvest as much as possible.