Siren, Wisconsin
Upper and Lower Clam Lakes
Clam Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
PO Box 233
Siren, WI  54872

or email:  [email protected]


Chair:  Tim Hickey

Secretary/Treasurer:  Tom Stoffel

Board Members:   Bob Gideo
                              Jim Lang
                              Rick Peterson
The creation of the Clam Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (PRD) was created in 1970 when a group of land owners got together and signed a petition to form this organization.  The PRD was originally established as a Sanitary District.

According to the petition, "the purpose of establishing PRD was for "the treatments of water for suppression of swimmers itch, algae and other nuisance producing aquatic growths.  The aquatic growths in these waters have impaired their enjoyment by its adjacent property owners.  At certain times weed growth has been so extensive as to completely prevent the use and enjoyment of the waters by boats and swimmers.  The creation of such Sanitary District will greatly enhance the value of all property in such District."

A lot has changed in almost 40 years since the PRD was created.  Ducks can no longer walk across the lake on the weeds; where there were once resorts, now are individually owned cabins and the weed situation, at least for the last couple years, has really changed. 


Annual Clam Lake PRD Meeting is August 24th, 
9:00am at Siren School Auditorium